Tapionkatu 5

Business ID: 2801758-4

Request for contact

Contact persons

Tapio Palomäki, Production Manager

Toni Laine, Purchasing Manager

Satu Jylhä, Supervisor

E-billing details:

We are able to receive purchase invoices electronically. Details for sending electronic purchase invoices:

Please let us know at orders@aa-tuotanto.fi when you are about to send us your first electronic invoice. This allows us to check that the invoice has arrived and that the address and allocation information are correct.

Company information

Name: AA-Tuotanto Oy
VAT-number: 2801758-4
E-invoicing address: 003728017584

Operator information
Operator: Maventa
Operator Broker ID: 003721291126
Operator Broker ID in banking network: DABAFIHH

If you are not able to send invoices electronically, please send paper invoices to the following address:
AA-Tuotanto Oy
PL 100
80020 Kollektor Scan

Please note the following:

  • The serial number in each invoice’s address field, not only on the envelope.
  • Only black text.
  • Send only invoices with attachments to scanning.
  • Do not use staples.

You can also send PDF-invoices, following these instructions:

  • Invoices sent as e-mail attachments.
  • Only one invoice per file, which includes all the pages of the invoice.
  • You can send multiple invoices in one email. All files with an individual name.
  • One e-mail can be maximum 10Mb.
  • PDF-files need to be real PDF-documents, version 1.3 or newer.
  • PDF-files cannot be locked or password-protected.
  • The dimension of the document can be maximum 210 x 297 mm.
  • The name of the attachment can only include the regular marks: a-z, A-Z, 0-9.

PDF-invoices can be sent to the address: invoice-28017584@kollektor.fi

Best regards,
AA-Tuotanto Oy