AA-Tuotanto is following in Laine-Tuotanto’s footsteps

AA-Tuotanto is an experienced and versatile expert in the metal industry. We are following in the footsteps of the long-established Laine-Tuotanto, with a new name and a modern approach. We have several decades of experience in the field and highly skilled staff who take pride in their work. We continue to invest in the latest technology and best-working processes in order to guarantee our customers the best results.

Our customers with a global reach trust us with the most demanding metalwork assignments. We regularly receive praise from our long-term customers for our excellent service, know-how and innovative development work.

Our premises are located in Vaasa, at the heart of the largest energy hub in the Nordic countries.

To ensure that we serve our customers at AA-Tuotanto as well and in as many different ways as possible, we continually invest in our modern production and extensive plant and equipment.

AA-Tuotanto, formerly Laine-Tuotanto

AA-Tuotanto continues Laine-Tuotanto’s presswork business.