Aluminum busbar fabrication

Precisely designed and manufactured aluminum busbars for the electricity, energy and other industries. Looking for a skilled aluminum busbar manufacturer? Read more and contact us!

We manufacture busbars from both copper and aluminum according to the customer’s needs and wishes.

Our top of the line production line together with our skilled employees ensure that we are able to flexibly manufacture both small and large batches of aluminum busbars in a cost-effective and top-quality manner.

Contact us and we will make the busbars that meet your needs!

Aluminum as a manufacturing material for the busbar

Aluminum is mainly used as a material for making busbars if the price of copper has gotten too high. In other words, aluminum is mostly a secondary manufacturing material in busbars. This is because the electrical conductivity of aluminum is not quite as good as that of copper, even though both materials conduct electricity well.

Contact us and let’s see together which manufacturing material is just right for your busbars.

How we make busbars

AA-tuotanto’s specialty is the manufacturing of busbars with precision servo-driven flat machines. In the production of busbars, the important work steps of punching, bending and finishing are done automatically.

We punch aluminum busbars with a modern servo-driven RodFlat punching machine. The bending of the busbars is handled with a RodForm bending machine purchased for this purpose. In addition to normal bends, side bends are also possible. We finish the busbars with a RodFine finishing machine to ensure high and consistent quality regardless of the user.

We are always happy to help with the design of the busbar and take these to production. In addition, we will find you the material that exactly meets your needs.


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