High end copper busbar manufacturing

AA-tuotanto is specialized in copper busbar fabrication.

We make high quality copper busbars for the electricity, energy and other industries precisely designed and manufactured.

We fabricate busbars from both copper and aluminum according to the customer’s needs and wishes.

Our top of the line highly automated production and manufacturing lines together with our skilled employees guarantee that we can flexibly handle both small and large batches at a cost effective price.

Copper as a manufacturing material for the busbar

Busbars are mainly made of copper due to its good electrical conductivity. Aluminum is often used to replace copper if the price of copper has risen. However, the electrical conductivity of aluminum is not as good as that of copper. If aluminum is chosen as the manufacturing material, more aluminum is usually consumed in the process than copper. At the same time, the size of the busbar increases, which in turn may cause problems in the intended application.

High end machinery for copper busbar fabrication

AA-tuotanto manufactures top of the line copper busbars with state of the art machinery. We punch copper busbars with a modern servo-driven RodFlat punching machine. The bending of the busbars is done with the RodForm bending machine. In addition to normal bends, side bends are also possible. We finish the busbars with a RodFine finishing machine, so that we can ensure high and uniform quality regardless of the user.

This makes us very cost-effective and able to even exceed the expectations and specifications of our customers.

Whether you are looking for a reliable copper busbar manufacturer or you need custom busbars made for you – contact AA-tuotanto.

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